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Mt. Kazbek is one of the most prominent peaks of Caucasus, tied to numerous myths as well as more modern works of writes or painters. Due to the fact that it's over 5000 meters high (5054m, to be precise) and at the same time not too difficult technically, it's probably the most climbed peak in the Caucasus. Welcome to the Caucasus agency organizes these climbs as well in cooperation with highly experienced local, IFMGA-certified guides.

Climb one of the most
prominent peaks of the Caucasus

Experienced, certified guides

Date No. of participants Duration Deposit
23. 08. - 29. 08. 2024 3 - 6 (AVAILABLE) 6 or 7 days 200 EUR
03. 09. - 09. 09. 2024 3 - 6 (AVAILABLE) 6 or 7 days 200 EUR

Under ideal circumstances, this tour takes 6 days. However, to increase the chance for a succesful climb, we calculate with an extra day at the Betlemi hut which we may need if conditions such as weather don´t allow for a succesful ascent on day 4. This means that the tour might be prolonged to 7 days if necessary.


Day 1 Transfer via Georgian Military Highway

Departure from Tbilisi to Stepantsminda in the morning with several stops along the way. The first one will be Ananuri Fortress – a castle and a seat of the Eristavis (Dukes) of Aragvi valley located next to the Zhinvali Reservoir. Our next destination will be the Treaty of Georgievsk Monument - Gudauri panorama which is distinguished by a view of the Devil's Valley in the Caucasus mountains. Then we will reach Stepantsminda where we will prepare for the next day's trek. Overnight in Stepantsminda.

Day 2 Hike to Betlemi hut
distance 11km, 1170m and 140m

After breakfast we will drive to Gergeti Trinity church. The temple is on the top of the mountain (2170m), from where the view of the whole region can be seen and there is iconic Mt Kazbek (5.047m) peak-3rd highest mountain in Georgia behind.
From here we will start hiking to Betlemi hut (3660m) which is called a Meteo station - it used to be a soviet meteorological station and now it is a basic mountain hut with electricity . Horses will carry our luggage. After ascending the ridge via an open grassy valley, we will enjoy a beautiful view towards Mt. Kazbek and will start trekking across its glacier. In the end we will make it to the Meteo station and overnight there.

Day 3 Glacier training, acclimatization day
270m and 270m

We will dedicate this day to acclimatization and training. We will walk to Betlemi chapel - The highest church in Georgia - 3930m. Later we will return to the hut to have a training session where the guide will show you how to use gear correctly and be more confident to reach the summit. Overnight at the Meteo station.

Day 4 Summit push
10-14 hours, 1400m and 1400m

We will wake up at 2am at night and start the climb so by sunrise we reach the Plateau (4400m). Tied by ropes, we will climb to the saddle of Mt. Kazbeg’s two summits then continue from the saddle to the summit via snow and icy slopes. After reaching the summit we will take a break and return to the meteostation.
Overnight in the Meteo station.

Day 5 Spare day
distance 9km, 810m and 810m

We will use this day to climb the peak for a second attempt if the previous day due to bad weather or some other reason we could not complete the task. Overnight in the Meteo station.

Day 6 Return to Stepantsminda
distance 14km, 200m and 2200m

We will use this day to climb the peak for a second attempt if the previous day due to bad weather or some other reason we could not complete the task. Overnight in the Meteo station.

Day 7 Visit to Juta, return to Tbilisi
distance 14km, 200m and 2200m

In the morning we will visit village Juta. From the village we will hike 1.5km to 5th season in the heart of the Caucasus mountains. There we can drink coffee and enjoy magical panoramas and possibly continue hiking to the lake below Chaukhi massif. In the evening we will drive back to the capital - Tbilisi.

  • Four nights at Meteo station
  • Two nights in Stepantsminda with breakfast and dinner 180 gel pp
  • Transport from Tbilisi to Stepantsminda, then to Juta and back. Also jeep drive to Gergeti Trinity church on day 2
  • Service of Alpinists 6-9-12 ppl; 1 alpinist per 3 people as per IFMGA rules
  • Hiking food and gas

  • Rental Gear Since many climbers prefer to bring their own gear, we don´t include it in the basic package. Of course, if necessary, we will assist you and procure everything necessary through one of local rental agencies. The cost of rental of a full kit needed to climb Mt. Kazbek (crampons, ice axe, helmet, carabiner, harness) is about 70 EUR in total.
  • Travel insurance. You will need to arrange a travel insurance. On my trekking trips, I use SafetyWing travel insurance
  • Snacks and alcoholic beverages
  • Boredom

The tourist are obliged to follow Guide instructions and dont get involved in other activities such as:
  • Go alone outside of the camping area,
  • Alcohol is only allowed after the summit push.
  • Give a notice to a guide when leaving the camping area or getting involved in activities that are not scheduled.
  • The guide evaluates the risks and hazards and makes the return decisions.
  • Kazbek is not technical mountain to climb, But if not respected things can go very wrong, especially when weather does not allow for summit.
  • Getting above so called lower Plato 4200M elevation will count as a summit push, meaning no extra try on another day.


If you consider joining one of our tours, you should understand how our booking process works - so what happens after you fill in that form to the right.

  1. First, you need to register for a tour. We don't collect deposits at this stage but expect clients to fill in the form only in case of serious interest, after they have everything sorted out and are positive that they will be able to participate.
  2. We will send an email asking you to confirm your email address, to establish contact and be sure that we received valid address. Once confirmed, we will put you on the list of participants. Then, after the tour meets minimal threshold of required participants, we will send you another e-mail, inform you that the tour is guaranteed to run and if deposit is necessary, ask for it.
  3. After all participants sent deposit payment, the tour is green-lighted and we start with necessary arrangements.
  4. If there are still not enough participants one month before the start of the tour, we inform you about the situation and offer to run the tour at the increased price. If all participants agree to it and make a deposit, the tour goes ahead - and, of course, if more people book during the last months before the tour, the price goes down correspondingly, but at some moment we need to decide if to run it or not. If participants don´t agree with the higher price, the tour is cancelled and, if there is interest, we can work with them on some individual programs.

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