From Omalo to Shatili €850


This long, strenous trek follows the old shepherd´s path connecting Tusheti region with Khevsureti. It features beautiful mountain scenery as well as with traditional villages dominated by stone towers. During the walk, you will be supported by packhorses and a knowledgable guide.

Harder, more scenic variant
of the famous trek

Visit of medieval stone villages and fortresses of Tusheti and Khevsureti

Great panoramic views of Tusheti

Traverse of Atsunta, the highest
"trekking pass" in Georgia

Crossing of the most famous
high mountain road in Georgia

Small group, only 4 to 6 participants

Date No. of participants Duration Deposit
15. 07. - 20. 07. 2024 4 - 6 (FULL) 6 days €200
23. 07. - 28. 07. 2024 4 - 6 (GUARANTEED) 6 days €200
29. 07. - 03. 08. 2024 4 - 6 (AVAILABLE) 6 days €200
05. 08. - 10. 08. 2024 4 - 6 (AVAILABLE) 6 days €200
13. 08. - 18. 08. 2024 4 - 6 (AVAILABLE) 6 days €200
19. 08. - 24. 08. 2024 4 - 6 (1 PLACE LEFT) 6 days €200
03. 09. - 08. 09. 2024 4 - 6 (2 PLACES LEFT) 6 days €200
09. 09. - 14. 09. 2024 4 - 6 (AVAILABLE) 6 days €200
This tour can be organized also privately for any group of hikers outside of the dates listed above. In this case, the itinerary can be adjusted according to your wishes and group size limitation doesn't apply. However, the price may be different, too.

This is a strenous trek. While our pack horses will carry most of your stuff, this variant is more difficult than the standard route. You should be able to walk 6-7 hours a day for a several days in a row. On some days, you will have to cover significant elevation difference, like 1000m up and down - nothing a fit tourist wouldn't handle, but someone without training might struggle. If you are not sure if this trek is for you, please contact us and we will try to find out :)


Day 1 From Tbilisi to Omalo

Pickup by guide in Tbilisi and transfer to Alvani. Lunch in the village, switching to 4WD cars and departure for Tusheti. Narrow, dusty road climbs from the lowlands to the Abano pass at the elevation 2900m and offers thrilling views into the valley below. Descent to Omalo, the largest settlement in Tusheti. In the afternoon visit of fortified Keselo hill. Dinner and accommodation at the guesthouse in Omalo.

Day 2 Traverse of Pirikita range
distance 20.2km, 1150m and 1320m

After the breakfast, transfer to Ghele meadow, the meeting place of the elders of local communities. From there, climb onto the top of Pirikita ridge which separates the largest valleys of Tusheti. Traverse of the ridge - if the weather is good, there are great, 360° views of the whole Tusheti as well as of the prominent peaks to the north such as Diklo, Komito and Dano. Reaching of Nakle-Kholi pass and the steep descent to another beautiful village, Parma. Dinner and accommodation in Girevi.

Day 3 From Girevi to Kvakhidi meadows
distance 16km, 920m and 530m>

In the morning, short walk to Girevi, last inhabited village in the valley and pick up of permits at the local border post. Trekking deeper into the mountains, passing the abandoned settlement of Chontio. The trail mostly traverses the alpine meadows high above the river, but from time to time descends also into the river gorge. Camping at the Kvakhidi meadows at the elevation of 2600m.

Day 4 Crossing of Atsunta pass
distance 16.8km, 1405m and 1168m

The most impressive and difficult day of the trek. After crossing a river for several time, the final climb to the Atsunta pass starts - first through the meadow, then on the shales. The pass is one of the most scenic places of the whole trek since it offers great views on both Tusheti and Khevsureti. Descent from the pass onto the Khidotanis ridge. Traverse of the ridge - great views in all directions, especially onto Mt. Tebulo, the highest mountain of Tusheti. Camping on the Khidotanis ridge.

Day 5 From Khidotanis ridge to Shatili
distance 10km, 280m and 1360m

Walk to the end of Khidotanis ridge and steep dewcent into the Khonischala valley. Walk to the ruins of the Mutso fortress, exploration of the site. Transfer to the Anatori necropolis (“Houses of the dead”) and after the visit of the site, transfer to Shatili. Dinner and accommodation at the Shatili guesthouse.

Day 6 Transfer to Tbilisi

Transfer to Tbilisi. The road passes abandoned settlements such as Guro and Kistani, climbs to 2600m high Datvisjvari pass and descends into Lower Khevsureti. Eventually, it leaves the mountains near Zhilvali reservoir, some 50km north of Tbilisi.

  • Travel insurance. You will need to arrange your own travel insurance. On my trekking trips, I use SafetyWing travel insurance
  • Sleeping bags (can be rented if necessary)
  • Snacks and alcoholic beverages
  • Boredom

Since this is a small-group tour, we will need some deposit to be able to book your spot. The price is 200 EUR, money can be sent either as SEPA transfer or through PayPal or TransferWise. We collect these deposits only after the minimal threshhold of participants has been reached. The deposit is fully refundable if you cancel your booking more than 45 days before the start of the trek. If you cancel later, we reserve the right not to refund the deposit if we can´t find the replacement for your spot.


If you consider joining one of our tours, you should understand how our booking process works - so what happens after you fill in that form to the right.

  1. First, you need to register for a tour. We don't collect deposits at this stage but expect clients to fill in the form only in case of serious interest, after they have everything sorted out and are positive that they will be able to participate.
  2. We will send an email asking you to confirm your email address, to establish contact and be sure that we received valid address. Once confirmed, we will put you on the list of participants. Then, after the tour meets minimal threshold of required participants, we will send you another e-mail, inform you that the tour is guaranteed to run and if deposit is necessary, ask for it.
  3. After all participants sent deposit payment, the tour is green-lighted and we start with necessary arrangements.
  4. If there are still not enough participants one month before the start of the tour, we inform you about the situation and offer to run the tour at the increased price. If all participants agree to it and make a deposit, the tour goes ahead - and, of course, if more people book during the last months before the tour, the price goes down correspondingly, but at some moment we need to decide if to run it or not. If participants don´t agree with the higher price, the tour is cancelled and, if there is interest, we can work with them on some individual programs.

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