From Etseri to Mazeri

A nice day hike offering interesting perspective of the Ushba mountain.

A pretty nice day hike connecting two valleys of Upper Svaneti. It offers great views of Mt Ushba with surrounding glaciers as well as a nice view of Enguri valley and Svaneti ridge. On the final descent to the Mazeri village, you will come across wonderful fir forest.
The trail is marked and mostly easy to follow, yet somehow “below the radar” of most tourists as they usually drive directly to Mestia and overlook villages on the road.

Duration: 6,5 hours

Difficulty: Moderate

An ideal day hike - not too easy, not too hard. There is Baki pass (2430m) to cross, but the climb is manageable (1000m up and 800m down).

How to get to Etseri:

Just wait for a marshrutka traveling between Zugdidi and Mestia and ask the driver to drop you at the Etseri (25km before Mestia). He should charge you up to 20 GEL.

How to leave Mazeri:

There is no public transport to Mazeri. The closest road served by marshrutkas lies 7 kilometers away, at the mouth of Becho valley. Therefore, you may have to hire a taxi - the price of the ride to Mestia starts at 50 GEL (but can be also much higher, depending on the driver, situation and the level of your desperation).
There are also are two nice day walks connecting Mazeri with neighboring villages - Mestia and Etseri.

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Where the hell is Etseri?

The situation with village names in Svaneti is somewhat complicated since the places are known not only by the names of individual "villages" (often just a bunch of houses), but also as by the overall name of the community. In guidebooks, you can usually find community names, but Google Maps prefers village names (until recently, it couldn't find even such famous communities such as Ushguli). In this case, Etseri is the name of the community which encompasses several smaller villages (Iskari, Ughvali, Tsalanari, Kurashi, Barshi) bunched at the mouth of Leshta valley. And, unlike these smaller villages, it cannot be found correctly by the Google Maps.

Description of the route

Trail parameters

Distance 17,9 km
Trail type: AB trip
Max. elevation: 2462m
Min. elevation: 1441m
Total climb: 1207m
Total descent: 1043m

The hike starts at the main road in Etseri, by the tourist marker at the bus stop - the whole trail is marked by white/red rectangles. Follow the vilage road to the north - after one mile, you will pass the Tony Hanmer guesthouse/shop (good place to spend a night if you reached Etseri in the afternoon).

Continue north through the Barshi village where you can find another couple of pointers, nice fortified tower, and a water spring. The road from here climbs slowly, but steadily across the western side of the valley and eventually turns to the east. On your right side, you will see several shepherd huts and for a while, walk by a wooden fence. When it ends, climb a bit and join a large cowpath. You will pass several smaller streams, but I don´t recommend taking a water here because of the intensive herding activity. The trail then takes you through extensive fields of yellow flowers.

The cow path eventually turns into a trail and after another 200 elevation meters, you should make it to the Baki pass (2428m). Follow the top of the ridge to the south, bypassing the small elevation from the right side. The trail then leaves the main ridge which rises towards Mt. Detsili (2578m), turns left and navigates the hillside. It goes up and down a bit (there is also a plenty of blueberries), then goes down through a sparse birch forest.

Once a forest ends, there is a small crossing which can be confusing if you come from the opposite direction - another trail bypasses Detsili from the south. But you just walk straight to the small chapel known as the Meziri Church of the Archangel. From there, it´s only a short walk to the top of Mt. Meziri (2279m). The trail then heads a bit further to the southeast on the bare side ridge, past the small, muddy lake and turns east to another pointer.

From the pointer, you can make a detour to the viewpoint with the wooden cross which offers great views in all directions - it’s also a good place for a break as it’s the last panoramic break on the trail. Once done, return to the pointer and head north into the forest.

The next section consists of a long series of switchbacks through a beautiful fir forest. After some time, you will reach a clearing used by forest workers, with some old machinery lying around. The trail here joins a forest road. Follow it for about a mile, then, at the elevation of 1800m turn right onto another smaller trail (there is another pointer, you won´t get lost). The trail leads you to the meadow - at some sections, it´s not too obvious but if you stay at the right part of the meadow, close to the forest, you should find it soon enough.

Finally, the trail descends to the Tvebishi village and joins the larger road again. Pass the village, cross the bridge over the Dolra river and reach the main road. Mazeri village lies nearby on your right side.

Meziri church of the Archangel

Several photos from the hike were provided by Olga Drewnowska, who also wrote report from the trail (in Polish). Few other photos were provided by Martin Lazar and the rest are mine :) Big thanks to all of them!

Meziri lake Ushba mountain from Meziri hill Ushba mountain Heading up the Leshti valley Etseri village behind Shepherd huts in the valley Approaching Baki pass Mt. Ushba from the Baki pass Tourist pointer at the Baki pass Hiking on the ridge The trail bypasses Detsili from the left side Meziri church visible ahead Looking back at the Baki pass Meziri church of the Archangel Closer to the church Way down elevation
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