Few weeks ago, I wrote a list of best treks in Georgia. It got good response, I was happy and thought I was done with lists. But then I realized, that something was still missing.

There are people who don´t like camping, heavy backpacks or simply don´t have enough time for multiday treks. And Georgia offers a plenty of possibilities also for them. Yet, as I wrote in the previous article, it isn´t always easy to find the necessary info online. So let me introduce the list of twelve day-walks, which, by my humble opinion, are amongst the best ones this country has to offer.

Just to clear things up - I included walks which can be done in a day (obviously), starting and ending point can be reached by car and have some form of accommodation so you don´t have to camp. However, that doesn´t mean that they are easy, quite the opposite :)

1. Hike to Gergeti glacier

One of the most popular day hikes in Georgia. It climbs from Stepanstsminda village to the foot of Gergeti glacier covering Mt. Kazbeg. On the way, you will pass beautifully situated Tsminda Sameba church, probably the most famous Georgian landmark.

As its parameter suggest, this walk is ideal for really fit hikers. Walkers with less stamina and more money can start their walk from the church, which is accessible by jeep.

Distance: 22km (there and back)
Duration: 9 hours
Elevation gain: 1500m up and down

By passaparola (for more photos, click on any image)

2. From Mazeri to Mestia through Guli pass

One of the most popular day hikes in Svaneti, this very demanding walk offers superb views of Ushba mountain. If you are a slow walker and have a tent, you can split it into two days and spend unforgettable time camping by Koruldi lakes.

Distance: 20km
Duration: 9 hours
Elevation gain: 1400m up, 1500m down

By Anna Belova

3. From Juta to Roshka

The well-known trail connecting Kazbegi region with Khevsureti. It is very interesting due to a proximity of imposing Chaukhi massif with its seven sharp peaks and necessity to scale 3431 meters high Chaukhi pass. At the other side of the pass, you will find Abudelauri lakes - three beautiful alpine lakes with different colors (green, blue and white).

I prefer to spend more time in the area and explore wonderful Arkhoti valley, but the trail is doable also if you have only one day. If you start early from Juta, you will arrive at Roshka in the late afternoon. From there you can hire a jeep to Korsha village, sleep there and catch the morning bus to Tbilisi.

And if that sounds too hard, you can make only a pleasant walk to the foot of Chaukhi massif and return back to Juta.

Distance: 18km
Duration: 9 hours
Elevation gain: 1400m up, 1800m down

By Tanveer Singh

4. Ushguli to Chvelpi through Latpari pass

Beautiful trek from Upper to Lower Svaneti crossing Svaneti mountain range. Especially few miles spent walking directly on Svaneti ridge are truly breathtaking, with great views in all directions. If only there was a way to skip that endless descent on a dirt track to Chvelpi.

True, it is possible to walk from Latpari pass also to Maami - but this hike is even harder and almost impossible to finish in a day.

Distance: 24 km
Duration: 10 hours
Elevation gain: 900m up, 1800m down

By Igor Peftiev

5. Hike to the Chkhuti ridge

Definitely not an easy walk, but after comparing its pros and cons, I think this is the best day hike doable from Mestia. It reminds a hike to Koruldi lakes, but is better in every aspect - the ridge you will climb on is not flat, but very narrow so the views are better. There is no road and no jeeps, only a narrow trail and sometimes not even that. Since the are area is not used for grazing, you will see countless flowers instead of tons of cowshit. And, last but not least - very few people do about this walk.

Distance: 23 km (there and back)
Duration: 6-8 hours
Elevation gain: 1900m up and down

6. From Shovi to Buba glacier

Probably best day walk in Racha (hike to Udziro lake is better, but it´s too far for a day trip). This one climbs from Shovi village to the northeast, towards the Buba glacier. Once you will climb to the alpine meadows, you will enjoy the stunning panorama of surrounding mountains and forests.

If you have a tent, an extra day. and permit from border guards, you can also make the nice 2-day trek here - continue further east to the Tbilisa glacier and return to Shovi by the road leading from Mamisoni pass.
2023 update: In 2023, Shovi village got hit by a massive landslide and the trail to the glacier got partially destroyed, it might take a while until it's accessible again. So I might have to look for a replacement for this one.

Distance: 17 km (there and back)
Duration: 8 hours
Elevation gain: 1000m up and down

By Mikhail Golubev

7. Walk in the Truso valley

Pleasant walk in Kazbegi area in an almost abandoned valley in the direction of South Ossetia. Except of the nice nature, there are also interesting travertine formations created by local mineral springs, geyser, ancient towers and abandoned settlements. It is not possible to explore the whole valley without a special permit, you can go only as far as Khetrisi village lies.

Distance: 22 km (there and back)
Duration: 6 hours
Elevation gain: 200m up the down

By Jussi Saha

8. Hike to Oreti lake

Tusheti region also has its share of nice day trips. This one starts in Kumelaurta village south of Omalo and climbs to the Oreti lake. The best time to visit it is the early summer when the lake is full of water and nature is in full bloom. To enhance the experience, you can make this trip also on the horseback - track leading to the lake is quite decent.

Distance: 27 km (there and back)
Duration: 9 hours
Elevation gain: 1200m up the down

By Davit Buachidze

9. Traverse of Pirikita range

Hike from Ghele meadow to Parsma is one of the most spectacular day hikes in Tusheti. It navigates Pirikita range, which separates valleys of Pirikiti and Gometsari Alazani, the largest valleys of the region. For the larger part of the day, you will be walking on the ridge at the elevation of almost 3000m and have marvelous, almost aerial views of the both valleys and mountains around.

Distance: 21 km (there and back)
Duration: 9 hours
Elevation gain: 600m up and 1000m down

10. From Likani to Kvabiskhevi

This walk officially known as “Footprint trail” belongs to the best day walks in Borjomi-Kharagauli National park. In the beginning, it crosses beautiful, ancient yew forest in the valley of Likani river. Trail then climbs above treeline with nice panoramic views and eventually descends into Kvabiskhevi valley. Accommodation can be arranged in nearby Kvabiskhevi village.

Distance: 14 km
Duration: 6 hours
Elevation gain: 800m up and down

By Borjomi park administration

11. Crossing of Khada gorge

This trail starts in Bedoni village below Jvari pass and crosses beautiful, forgotten Khada gorge, known as “valley of 60 towers”. Once it defended main passage between North and South Caucasus, but lost its importance after the building of Georgian Military Highway. Nowadays, it´s dotted with remains of ancient towers and fortresses.

You can explore Khada gorge as a roundtrip or - if you are fit enough - cross the mountain range to the west and descend to Gudauri.

Distance: 14 km
Duration: 6 hours
Elevation gain: 800m up, 400m down

By Maia Shalashvili

12. Hike to Tbikeli lake

Tbikeli lake is the jewel of Kintrishi reserve, established to protect its unique flora and fauna. More days are recommended for this walk, but if you are limited on time, you can reach it also as a day trip. In such case, you need to take a jeep to Khino village, sleep there and start walking early in the morning - it’s 12km from the village to the lake. Be prepared for a very humid environment, fifty shades of green and amazing views once you climb above the treeline.

Distance: 24 km (there and back)
Duration: 9 hours
Elevation gain: 1000m up and down

By Sandro Tsagareli

Thank you for reading all the way down here. If you think I overlooked some hike which deserves to be in the list or made some other mistake, please let me know. And if you enjoyed this list and are into trekking, hiking or Caucasus, you can share it or like my Fb page. Thanks again! Jozef. :)

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