First, a little explanation. This web was set up with a single purpose - to provide the hikers with all info necessary to trek independently. Still, I get requests from people willing to pay for a trekking guide or asking me to organize their trip. The problem is, that I can´t help them. I have no experience with guided treks, know just a few guides here and there and, most importantly - don´t want to run some kind of a travel agency.

Therefore, I decided to outsource these activities to my friend Davit. He has necessary local contacts and lots of experience in this field so I am sure he will be able to arrange whatever you need - from a single trek to the whole, tailor-made package tour. So I can focus on independent hikers. And get rid of all those "find me a guide" messages and shitstorms which inevitably follow when someone is not satisfied. This way, I will hear only from people complaining about Davit and that is the risk I am willing to take :) Because I got only positive feedback about him so far. Also, I won´t hide it - if you use this form to book with him, I will get a small part of his commission (at no extra cost for you).

So, if you send the message from here, you won´t get the response from me, but from Davit. Use this form you are interested in a custom-made trip. If you have some trekking related questions, I will be more than happy to answer them by myself - please use this form to contact me directly.

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