Write me

I am grateful for all kind of feedback, no matter if you ...
- share your experience
- request additional info
- correct my grammar (actually, I would really appreciate it)

Still, I would like to stress one thing. I will gladly answer some specific questions, but I won´t prepare a whole itinerary or organize a tour for you. If you are interested in this kind of service, please contact my friend Davit.

Also, if you have some nice, interesting question, you may want to ask it in my Facebook discussion group. Not only will it help create a sort of public "knowledge base", but the answer you get may be better than mine since you can find some very knowledgable people there.

OK, hope I didn´t discourage anybody. Go ahead and if you provide correct e-mail address, I will reply. And feel free to call me by name - I am Jozef, not "Trekking in Caucasus" :)

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