Here I would like to publish various short readings which may be useful for navigation. Honestly, I created this category mostly because I want to explain "right/left bank" terminology I use quite often in my trail descriptions. And since it's already here...

While I was writing the descriptions of individual treks, I encountered several situation where I had to use a term "right bank" of "left bank". This terminology can be confusing for some readers, especially when you are walking upstream - in this case, even when you walk to the right of the river, you are actually on the left bank. So I would like to explain it here and also show that I know this difference and banks are always correctly described.
Basically, when you are standing at the source of the river and looking downstream, the left bank is to the left of the river and right bank is to the right. This never changes, it doesnt matter which way are you walking or looking. Please keep this in mind when walking upstream.
The same terminology applies to the left/right tributary. When you are standing at the source of the river and looking downstream, the left tributaries join river from the left side and right tributaries from the right side.
As I learned on several occasions, GPS device is a good servant, but a bad master. It's great to show you your position or directions, but when it comes to details such as the exact position of the trail, it could be deceiving. GPS devices are not 100% accurate and even 10 meters in a complicated terrain can make a huge difference (especially when you are trying to follow a trail which was recorded by the same, not 100% accurate device).
Therefore, I recommend to use your own instinct and experience to determine the correct path - using the gpx as a helpful resource, but not following it blindly.
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