"Because of you, mr. Jozef, my daughter is now stuck in a little vilage in Georgia, in rain, snow and cold - losing her money and vacation, bored, wondеring what to do there all the week! AND THAT'S for was the reason I wrote you in the past and asked you to warn her not to go in October. Because I KNOW this danger, but my daughter - no, and you refused to write her and tell her the truth.
LISTEN to the mothers! WE KNOW the things, but the daughters believe to you!"

concerned mother

Speaking of best time to go trekking, mountains of Georgia are very similar to those of Europe - best period is from the second half of June till late September. If you are a very busy person, this is all you need to know, but for those more curious, I will try to elaborate.

Caucasus generally gets lots of snowfall (especially its western parts) and winter conditions in mountains remain for the most of the spring. Therefore, ordinary tourists should wait until the second half of May, when also roads to Tusheti and Khevsureti open up. At this period, valleys are already green, but trekking options are still quite limited - there is lots of snow higher in the mountains and many passes are not accessible. One can do many nice day hikes, but tackling mountain passes could be risky.

bad weather in Georgia
Just keep in mind - even August may look like this

If you want to do some serious multiday trekking, you should wait till late June - nature is at its best, everything is green and blooming. However, there is a price - May and June are the rainiest months of the year.

In July and August weather becomes more stable and dry - this period is considered to be a “high season” for trekking. Good conditions usually persist for the most of the September, then become gradually worse.

You can have some nice hikes or even treks also in the first half of October if you get lucky with the weather, but one can´t count on it - depends on the date of first serious snowfall.

bad weather in Georgia
Adishi glacier in the early June
bad weather in Georgia
and in the early October

The bad weather in Georgia Adishi glacier in the early June Adishi glacier in the early October
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